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Top 10 cat breeds you might like to have as your pet

Cats, cats, cats, these little fluff-balls still represent a mystery for some of us. It is known that since the Egyptian era, the cats were considered friends, they were even worshiped by the Egyptian people. Their smooth presence and their cute looks made people obey to them like they were some kind of Gods. Nothing much changed nowadays, except the fact that people (or at least some of them) don’t worship the cats anymore, but their fluffy and cute looks are still making people love them.

Cats are interesting animals, they are different from dogs in so many ways. For example, cats are not as lovely and playful with their humans like dogs are. A cat loves you and plays with you only when she wants to because she has a powerful attitude and she considers that she is your owner, not vice versa. If you are not paying attention to her moods and you still want to play with her, she will reject you and she may do that in a not so friendly way, by scratching you, but not in a serious manner, more like a warning to „Leave me alone, human, why don’t you understand?!”.

If you love cats, you like their sweet little aspect, their smooth cozy fur and you are willing to bear their moods, then you should adopt a cat as your pet because yes, they can be mean sometimes, but if you get to know and love eachother there will be no turning back and you will be friends for life.

Here are some of the most popular cat breeds that you should consider when wanting to adopt a cute, little soul.

So, here are the most popular cat breeds, but nothing can stop you from adopting a stray cat as well. If you treat them right, take care of them and love them, she will love you back and your friendship will last a lifetime!

The Persian

The Persian : This breed has been number one since the CFA first started keeping records in 1871. Persians are affectionate and loyal but need their long fur groomed every day.

The Siamese

The Siamese : If you want a loving and calm cat, the Siamese might be your type of cat. The yowl of a Siamese is very familiar to fanciers of this breed. And it’s not just for attention – Siamese like to “chat” with their owners. This is a sleek cat who is very athletic. They usually gravitate to one person and are loyal and loving.

Maine Coon

The Maine-Coon : This is a very gentle, loving creature who is large by cat-size. They weigh between 15 and 25 lbs. and have long fur like the Persian. However, they do not need as much grooming as the Persian.

The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian : If you want a beautiful and friendly feline, the Abyssinian is the one. These cats are considered some of the lookers in the cat world. Thin and elegant with a shiny coat, they are active felines, very playful and friendly.

The Birman

The Birman : If you also like dogs, but you prefer to have a cat, the Birman is a good choice. He is friendly, outgoing, even-tempered and flexible, a very rare trait to find in a cat. They are known to come when called and to greet you at the door like a pooch would. They have long silky hair that does not require much grooming.

The American Shorthair

The American Shorthair : This breed is perfect for families because these cats are good with children, loving and protecting. This breed originally arrived in America on the Mayflower. They were bred for hunting and thus are excellent hunters, have good health and are a quiet cats.

The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll : This breed gets its name from the way these cats go completely limp in your arms when you pick them up. They are cute and cuddly and large like the Maine Coon. This is a breed that should always be kept inside as they are very docile and would likely not defend themselves outside.


The Oriental This breed looks and behaves like a Siamese but comes in two fur lengths and over 300 color combinations. Their personality is similar to the Siamese but they are quieter.

The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue This cat is quiet, intelligent and easy to love. Although he’s likely less demanding than many other felines, the Russian Blue is affectionate toward family members.

The Sphynx

The Sphynx : If you don’t want to mess with the cat’s hair, the “naked” sphynx cat is an alternative for you. They are loyal and loving and demand constant attention.

So, here are the most popular cat breeds, but nothing can stop you from adopting a stray cat as well. If you treat them right, take care of them and love them, she will love you back and your friendship will last a lifetime!

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