Dog Winter

Winter Care For Pets : Illness and Safety Tips

  Winter Care For Pets Many owners believe that their pets can tolerate the cold as they have furry coat. With fewer daylight hours and cold, you may find that your pet does not get as much exercise as he does in any other weather.  It is a good idea to monitor his weight and diet,  to stop him putting on weight.  If you are walking in low light  keep a fluorescent jacket with collar. WINTER ILLNESS Avoid these common illnesses this winter. Hypothermia Hypothermia [...]

Dog Grooming

Grooming Tips For Dog’s Good Health

  Grooming Tips To Keep Dog Healthy Regular grooming is an important part of responsible dog care, as humans require good grooming habits, so do our dogs. Grooming, come armed with a great attitude, lots of patience, and lots of treats. If you don’t have a routine set, start small. Attempt one task each time. If you start getting frustrated, stop and come back to it later. The shorter you can keep each session, the better. Besides being a healthy habit, grooming [...]