Rottweiler DOG BREEDNick Name Rottweiler, Rott, RottieOrigin Country GermanyBreed Type Large Working Dog Breed Lifespan  10-12 YearsTemper Alert, Good-natured, Steady, Devoted, Obedient, Self-assured, Courageous, Calm, Fearless, Confident Ideal Height Male Female     61–68 cm 56–63 cm Ideal Weight Male Female     43–59 kg 38–52 kg Common Colors Tan, Black, MahoganyRottweilers are physically strong, muscular, moves rapidly, momentum is powerful and is one of the most courageous dog in the world. They are not only critically acclaimed, but also extremely valuable family dogs. The Rottweiler is good dog, to attack the intruder. In order to let the dog did obey orders, masters should give strict [...]


Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

Labrador Retriever Dog BreedNick Name LabOrigin Country United Kingdom, CanadaBreed Type Medium Sporting Breed Lifespan  10-13 YearsTemper  Gentle, Intelligent, Kind. Ideal Height Male Female   56-62 cm 54-60 cm Ideal Weight Male Female   30-36 kg 25-32 kg Common Colors Black, Chocolate & Yellow (Tan)Labradors are strongly built, medium-sized, athletic dog breed which makes them perfect hunting dog recovery, substance and soundness to hunt or to work for long hours in difficult conditions. They comprises broad skull, powerful jaws, kind & friendly eyes and the most important expressing character. There character varies from the quality to win in the ring to [...]