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We have all the small pets bedding you need in one place. We have selection of products for rabbit products to guinea pig accessories. From tasty treats to bedding, we’ve got everything you need to care for small animals. Putting bedding in their small habitat helps them to stay comfortable. Nowadays paper pulp, paper pellet and hay commonly used as bedding materials for small animals. Paper pulp is soft with good absorbing nature and controls odour. Paper pulp works good for rabbit and guinea pig as bedding material. Paper pellets are similar to paper pulps however they are in pellet form. Pellets are ideal to use in litter trays for their highly absorbing property. Pellet form do discourage them from using litter tray as bed. Hay are warm material and works well for rat & mice as bedding and creating nests. It is material, they can use to create nests.

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