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Rottweiler DOG BREED

Nick Name Rottweiler, Rott, Rottie
Origin Country Germany
Breed Type Large Working Dog Breed
 Lifespan  10-12 Years
Temper Alert, Good-natured, Steady, Devoted, Obedient, Self-assured, Courageous, Calm, Fearless, Confident
 Ideal Height





61–68 cm

56–63 cm

 Ideal Weight





43–59 kg

38–52 kg

 Common Colors Tan, Black, Mahogany

Rottweilers are physically strong, muscular, moves rapidly, momentum is powerful and
is one of the most courageous dog in the world. They are not only critically acclaimed, but also extremely valuable family dogs. The Rottweiler is good dog, to attack the intruder. In order to let the dog did obey orders, masters should give strict training. They are said to be born with the talent, mainly owned by rich businessmen in order to avoid the money stolen by hanging purse in the Rottweiler neck. The dog personality are stable, highly emotional, also a good family companion.

The chest is roomy, broad and deep, reaching to elbow, with well pronounced fore-chest and well sprung, oval ribs. Back is straight and strong. Loin is short, deep and well muscled. Croup is broad, of medium length and only slightly sloping. Underline of a mature Rottweiler has a slight tuck-up. Males must have two normal testicles
properly descended into the scrotum.
Rottweiler Dog

They are sensible, personality poise, absolute loyal to the master. It becomes hard for them to distinguish between good and evil while obeying masters command. Under strict training puppies on it, or adult host are difficult to control, in foreign countries, Rottweiler wounding records. As long as serious training, it can be
quiet canine companion. The Rottweiler dogs and children get along well, is also very like to play with little friends. Of course, this is a child’s personality and temperament of the dog decided jointly, because Lovina for malicious intruder is very fierce, is particularly suitable as a guard dog.


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