Vitapol Sensitive Food For Budgie-250gm


Vitapol Sensitive Food For Budgie has been fortified with dried food and seeds. It helps to enhance the natural colours of your bird feathers.


Oats groats, elderberry, oat flakes, rape seed, dehydrated carrot, canary grass seed, grass seed, flax seed, dehydrated apple, dandelion, amaranth seed, mung bean

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Vitapol Sensitive Food For Budgie-250gm



  • Low fat composition based on shelled oats grain which does not irritate the oesophagus.
  • Basic grain is spelt, contains oats which is quite an energetic grain.
  • Contains large amounts of fiber.
  • Ideal prophylaxis or strengthening food that diversifies daily diet.
  • Ensure that it is a perfect food for your feathery friend.
  • Easily digestible.
  • Fulfills high energy demand of your birds.
  • Helps to maintain the natural shine of feather.
  • Enhances the natural colors of your bird feathers.
  • Helps in maintaining an ideal body weight.


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