Sera GVG Marin Mix Fish Food

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Contains a large amount of marine algae, Gammarus shrimps and Spirulina algae. Marine fish require more iodine and other minerals. Sera Marin GVG-Mix provides an optimum level of these elements through blend of flakes and freeze-dried tidbits – making it easy to feed marine fish a varied diet.

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    Sera GVG Marin Mix Fish Food



    • Staple food of carefully prepared flakes and dried, prey items for likely eating at the water surface.
    • Rich in minerals and trace elements such as iodine and meets perfectly the natural needs.
    • Deficiencies are effectively prevented. Healthy growth, vitality, gorgeous looks and a strong immune system are promoted.
    • Excellent useable forage does not pollute the water.


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    60gm/250ml, 104gm/500ml, 209gm/1000ml