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German Shepherd Dog Breed

German Shepherd Dog Breed

Nick Name Alsatian, GSD
Origin Country Germany
Breed Type Large Herding Breed
 Lifespan  9-12 Years
Temper  Gentle, Intelligent, Kind.
 Ideal Height




60-65 cm

55-60 cm

 Ideal Weight




30-40 kg

25-36 kg

 Common Colors Black, Tan with black saddle

GSDs are strongly built, large-sized, athletic dog breed which makes them perfect hunting dog recovery, substance and soundness to hunt or to work for long hours in difficult conditions. They comprises broad skull, powerful jaws, kind & friendly eyes and the most important expressing character. There character varies from the quality to win in the ring to the temperament of a family companion.

Due to stable temperament they are suitable for a variety of activities beyond the hunting environment. Length of body is slightly greater than shoulder height. The height of elbow from the ground is equal to half the height. Chest extends to the elbow, but does not give deep impression. German Shepherd have distinctive short, straight & dense coat, which gives somewhat hard feeling to hands. They do have undercoats which are weather-resistant and protects them from water. German Shepherds can be found in black, white & tan with black saddle. Some of them do carry small white patches on chest. 

German Shepherd

True GSD are kind, outgoing, agile & gentle in temperament which justifies there breed name. Their gentle way, intelligence and adaptability make them an ideal pet dog breed. Aggressiveness towards humans or other animals, or any evidence of shyness should be severely taken care. 

Shepherds are sporting dogs breeds born with a gentle attitude, lively, non aggressive & intelligent. They chart their name in World’s most popular Dog breed at No.7.

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